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Below you’ll find some of the Thank You letters we’ve already received from WebFire users around the world.

We are proud of the fact that WebFire has been able to help so many people get free traffic, leads and customers from the internet. We thank all of you for taking the time to tell us about your successes and for allowing us to share your thoughts with the world to give others hope that they too can realize their goals.

David Smith from Melbourne, Australia

“The results speak for themselves, WebFire really does work!”

Hi guys,

I’d just like to say THANKS for a great webinar the other day. I got so much out of it. It was great.

Just before WIS I started a website to sell products online. Wow, that was a steep learning curve!

I did everything myself including the graphics. Knowing nothing at all about Internet marketing, I advertised my product on eBay (didn’t sell anything) with a link to my website.

This was my effort at driving traffic. This worked OK in that I had about 20 visitors a day during my eBay listing time, but after my listing time ended the traffic stopped. This being said, my conversion rate was ZERO. I knew I needed to do something different but didn’t know what. Around a week before WIS a friend sent me a link to purchase tickets to WIS. I had no idea what it was or who the promoters were, I just had a feeling it was the answer to my problem.

I attended WIS here in Melbourne (Australia) and was blown away. Every night my head was spinning with ideas. I only had a very limited amount of money to spend on product so my intention was to wait until the end of the summit to decide on what product to purchase. I’m so glad I did! I purchased WebFire as soon as you started taking orders. At the time I didn’t really know what I was going to use it for or how I was going to use it. I just knew it was a great opportunity not to be missed.

As soon as I got my logon info, I started playing around with the program. I didn’t really know what I was doing but I had a crack anyway. I don’t think I really achieved anything. I sat in on the webinar on Friday night (Saturday here) and listened to every word. I implemented the changes to my site and WOW, it worked. My stats are great! I have included my stats for you to look at. Not only are my stats on an upward trend since the webinar, but the referrer details have also changed. Google is now referring along with Facebook. I’m happy! I was also able to get http://www.autostuff.com.au onto page 1 of google thanks to WebFire.

Well it finally happened today. I checked my emails this morning and I had sold an item! I have included a screen print of my Paypal accounts to show you. All this from a novice using WebFire.

I have also started another website to sell an Ebook, http://www.diydecklights.com/ and will have the book finished by Friday. Once finished, I’ll use WebFire to drive traffic to it as well.

I know these results may not be big compared to others, but considering I couldn’t even use Microsoft office about 6 weeks ago I have come a long way. The results speak for themselves. WebFire really does work!

Thanks Guys!!!


WebFire Internet marketing Tool

“WebFire helped me not only to create fast traffic and sales, but also to build good strong traffic channels...”

I think WebFire is the best Internet marketing tool ever created and I really love this web-based tool.

Before using WebFire I was jumping from one website to another while also using some software to research keywords, see competition and find some good search terms to target and write about. Then after writing the blog post I would go through other websites and software to bookmark and build links to my new post.

I would succeed generating some fast traffic to my new post but after 3 or more days it would be over. This was mainly because I was working on other content and another search term (it was a bad idea).

Now with WebFire, I spend less time researching keywords, niches and competition, and I can find much better keywords and niches. And after creating my content I keep working on WebFire to create fast traffic to my new posts.

WebFire helped me not only to create fast traffic and sales, but also to build good strong traffic channels that keep driving traffic to my post even when I move on to my next post. They were honest about getting first page on Google using their tool for low and medium competition search terms.

Also, the commenting platform that allows you to find related blog posts and post comments to get high quality back-links is a unique tool that is worth a lot more than their fee, and I think you cannot find a similar tool online.

My recommendation to you is to test it, and try it for yourself.

Tom Martin


This is nothing short of awesome. I picked it up yesterday and worked on a friend’s site that is only a few months old. It is NOT an EMD. It wasn't in the top 1000 sites for a super targeted keyword that we wanted, but today it is in the FRONT PAGE position 5 right behind four .gov sites that are 12 years old AND we got an article into the #8 position for that same KW....I look like a friggin’ superstar, and honestly I kinda feel like one...lol.

I sent you an email with a couple of suggestions. Well, they are more along the lines of Premium upgrades.

Anyone that is considering this, JUST FRIGGIN’ DO IT, you will be very happy that you did !!! I paid for mine with that one contract yesterday (it was performance based) for the next 5+ yrs

Thanks guys

Tom Martin

P.S. NO I am not an affiliate and this was totally unsolicited. I will go even farther and say that the next 10 people that have questions about it and what I did that send me a PM, I will send you my private phone number tomorrow, and you can call me and talk about it if you like...just as a way of saying thanks to the guys.

Thanks Brian and company, this thing friggin’ rocks and I don't even know how to use it yet ... LMAO


Tom Martin


Will Sims

“...I am getting natural traffic from...queries that are ranking on page one of Google.”

Iused this software last week to find a keyword rich domain name in the weight loss niche. I launched a website and checked my seo strength with WebFire. After some correction, I blasted articles to my site with WebFire, and this week I am getting natural traffic from weight loss queries that are ranking on page one of Google. I would say this is a powerful program. I am glad I took a leap of faith.

Will Sims


Bill Dermody, Wisconsin

“Three weeks after WebFire went to work, search results for tennis gear in Madison have a whole new look.”

When we started our local tennis specialty shop as small business owners in the Fall of 2011, we knew we had real competitive strengths to build upon: an identified market niche, the right products for that niche, competitive prices, and the right skills to service the customer base. The day we opened we became the best option for tennis gear in the Madison area- offering more selection and better service than any local alternatives, and priced competitively with Internet vendors. What we did not have was awareness in the Madison market of this great package, nor the funds to blanket the airways and byways to fix that.

We asked the company that built our website to do some basic SEO for us. We thought (naively) that would be sufficient, given the fact that we were clearly the best and only alternative in the Madison area offering what local Google searchers would be looking for. But no. Local searches for tennis racquets, shoes or apparel returned national Internet providers, buying sites such as Superpages, and even local tennis organizations that didn’t even sell equipment! We were buried and invisible. Searches basically had to type in our business name to find us.

Three weeks after WebFire went to work, search results for tennis gear in Madison have a whole new look. Now, tennis players looking for gear are presented with the business that really gives them what they are searching for- The Tennis Shop.

The Tennis Shop invests in newspaper ads, Facebook ads, magazines and local sponsorships. Being a young business, we still ask each person who comes in how they found us. So, I can say confidently that WebFire has the highest ROI of any investment in this Marketing Mix.

I thought you would enjoy hearing that when Google Ads followed up with me this week, they agreed that I did not need AdWords, after seeing what you had been able to do.

Bill Dermody


Ted Jacob

“WebFire has offered me a superb product at a beautiful price.”

Hi Team @ Webfire,

A big "thank you' to all you guys/gals.

On 27th Jan, I had purchased a 6 months membership @ WebFire. Quite frankly from my 1st moment with the product, or should I say 'products', I knew that I had got hold of something truly marvelous. I had started to spend time with it and I was enjoying each moment of it. I had purchased this product 'believe it or not' because of my 1st impressions of seeing this product in operation (@ a webinar).

Well the fun is getting better and better, because Webfire has also become a superb toy/tool for my enjoyment. It has already given me more than I could have ever imagined.

From the 1st email support email and to the last email I’d received I knew the team behind this product had to be something special. There was the 'language of politeness' about all the email communication which caught me by surprise. I have been hanging out in the "Internet marketing' world for some time now...and to me this experience was truly refreshing. I got the feeling that the team behind WebFire was highly committed in their service for the members. As I quite already knew the quality of the product it was a bonus for me know there was a good back up team in operation too. For me Webfire is turning out to be one 'heaven of a product' (pardon me I prefer to call it this way, instead calling it one 'hellofaproduct').

I first came to know about this product through a well-known Internet marketing team and they gave it a good thumbs up because of the range of functionality that is built in. From the multi keyword tools including spying tools, domain, site, press, video, article, lead generation tools and many others, I found it offered the best tools for success in the Online marketing world... for me anyway. I am not into CPA, Adsense or anything else that goes with these. Thus this offered me some fresh approaches for monetizing and having fun at the same time. WebFire is turning out for me as an avenue of having fun whilst being able to enjoy the process of learning/monetizing.

As a newbie (yes learning involved - but for me it has been thoroughly enjoyable because of the way it has been put together), WebFire has offered me a superb product at a beautiful price.

- Ted Jacob


Derek Kemp, United Kingdom

“ WebFire is exactly what I have been looking for...”

Hi Brian

I first met you about 4 years ago at a Frank Garon event and have been very impressed with your progress in developing lead generation software.

Last month I flew from the UK to Melbourne Australia for World Internet Summit and also to meet up with Tom Hua and Steven Essa to discuss a JV project I have been developing for the past 18 months or so.

While I was there I sat through yours and Brett’s presentation of WebFire. I have been searching for some time for the piece of software which could rapidly review any website and tell me what is needed to get it ranked on Google really fast. It took me by surprise when you presented WebFire as it is exactly what I have been looking for, not just a website analyzer, much more than that.

It put one of my clients on page one of Google in just a few minutes after he updated the site to what WebFire said needed doing. The very next day it took my site from page two of Google for Make Money from Home to the top of page one. OK I have slipped slightly since then, but I am still on page one for this phrase on Google.co.uk and I have no doubt with the use of some of the other tools in WebFire I will continue to perform well.

Webfire has already paid for my first two years membership in Affiliate commission $659 earned to date. With results continuing to amaze us, I have no doubt that my income will grow just in Affiliate commission, without the extra cash from sales via my own sites.

Thank you and the rest of the WebFire development team for a product that does what you promised and fast. WebFire is the tool that will enable me to build my clients fantastic membership sites which will put huge amounts of cash in their pockets fast.

Best Regards,

Derek Kemp

Managing Director Your Business Success Club Ltd

Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur and Business Coach



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