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WebFire 3.0 is an amazingly powerful and automated set of tools to help users get more traffic, leads, rankings, and sales online. Many of these tools by themselves would sell for thousands a piece each year, but they can get all these powerful tools at once for a deeply discounted $997 / year with 40% recurring commissions for life!

Your customers will be blown away by how easy it now is to use this automated software to get traffic and leads for anything they want... even if they don't have a website. The webinars will feature live demonstrations of many of the 27 integrated software tools that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt why this is a "must have" tool for any online entrepreneur.

You can promote on a private webinar or send traffic to our customized replay webinar.

More than 20,000 members have acquired thousands upon thousands of number one rankings, and millions of free visitors which proves the power of WebFire. But now we're going to an entirely new level where no one's ever gone before.

We've paid out millions of dollars in commissions to great people like Anthony Morrison, Adrian Morrison, Anik Singal, Mike Filsaime, Steven James, Matt Bacak, Paul O'Mahony, and Andrew Fox. We'd love to start paying recurring commissions to you, too.

If you can put a decent amount of people on a private webinar with just your list, you can e-mail us below or at jvwithshawnandkoz@gmail.com to schedule your private webinar.

About WebFire 3.0

WebFire has had tons of great case studies from customers getting huge amounts of targeted leads, traffic, #1 rankings, getting more exposure, and making money!

It's not just some "SEO tool" -- it does WAY more than that. Not only does it have super advanced SEO tools like a website and market analysis tool, top keyword tools, a tool that fixes SEO issues on their site, etc., but it also goes far outside of SEO and taps into finding new prospects for them already interested in what they could be selling (where they can reach these prospects even without a website), helps find opportunities to get immediate free traffic, get content blasted across the net, contact prospects directly, and a whole lot more!

So it not only does SEO for you, but it also gets you traffic and leads even if you never want to rank a site!

And the coolest part is that with version 3.0, we're automating even more where your customers literally won't have to even login to take advantage of the vast majority of the tools. They'll get daily updates with leads found, traffic opportunities discovered, new rankings achieved, etc. all on top of a breakdown of what WebFire is doing for them and what else they can do to get the best results.

We have many members who also use the WebFire tools and training to provide promotional services to local businesses and earn substantial income.

WebFire is truly a one of a kind and a huge game changer.

And best of all, with this special offer, your customers can grab a huge discount only through your affiliate link. Instead of paying $2,997 per year, for instance, they can grab it for $997 / year for the pro level. And if they elect to go with the monthly option, they'll be paying $197 / month (so they'd be majorly incentivized to take the yearly).

If they check out the main page, they'll see the normal pricing, so they'll truly know that you're giving them a steal of a deal.

So not only will WebFire 3.0 do a lot of amazing things for them, but it will get them results, and it will convert like crazy to make you money now and for the long run since you get paid on the recurring membership sales.



WebFire features an unbeatable combination of automatic and powerful software to leverage user efforts.


The Power of WebFire 3.0 Automation:

Real Time Lead Gathering - Give WebFire the keywords and phrases that identify your best leads.  WebFire will give you the hottest new leads daily based on your criteria.  So you can literally find people already looking to buy what you could be selling ... and you can reach out to them with a click of a button!

Real Time Website Rank Tracking - Members can automatically track unlimited pages on unlimited sites for unlimited keywords on Google, Yahoo, and Bing!

Real Time Ranked Lead Tracking - WebFire will search the top search engines for keywords related to your market and find new ranking opportunities for you to get free exposure on from pages that are allowing posts or comments on them.

Real Time Rank Analysis - When a tracked page moves up or down in the rankings, members will know immediately.  But not only that, WebFire will analyze changes in the page or search engine algorithms that caused the movement and make suggestions accordingly.  It can even do this across the board from analyzing thousands of websites to tell you exactly why sites seem to be going up or down, and how you can best adapt instead of just "theorizing" what "might" work.

Real Time SEO Fixes - Because WebFire is constantly trackng the results of thousands of pages, the software knows immediately when changes occur.  WebFire automatically analyzes why pages are moving up or down, and makes suggestions to members to improve their sites based on this unique "crowd sourced" data.

Real Time Spying - Discover the sites where your competition is getting traffic and links.  Then use WebFire to automatically contact those sites to arrange for blog posts, guest articles, strategic content swaps, or other promotion.

Real Time Spying Part Deux - Spy on where your competition is advertising.  Then use WebFIre to automatically contact those site owners to make advertising deals.

Real Time Automated Reports to Members of activity and results.  These reports are also archived in the member accounts.

Automated Social Media Posting and Distribution of your content.

Automated Video Creation - Just add text and WebFire will make you a video complete with voiceover (if you choose).  Then you can automatically syndicate the video to YouTube and other video sites.


The Power of WebFire 3.0 Promotion:

Promote your offer right where people are already searching and talking about the topic now.

Promote your offer by stealing traffic from the top ranked sites on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Promote your offer by posting and ranking your WebFire made videos, or your own custom videos, on YouTube and other video sites.

Promote your offer to the people who asking questions on the topic right in the last few days.  These are hot prospects who are looking for answer so they can buy.

Promote your content on blogs accepting guest blog posts that WebFire can automatically find for you, where you can contact them with a click of a button.


The Power of WebFire 3.0 Research and Analysis:

Research and analyze your sites using our Site Analysis tool to see where your site is doing well and where it could use some improvement (and then instantly make those improvements through our software).

Research new niches to discover what ones have the easiest low hanging fruit for you to snatch up based on how easy it'd be to rank, how many searches there are, and how lucrative the market is.

Research and analyze the best available domains to snatch up for your new sites.

Research and analyze new expired domain names that are STILL RANKING for keywords in your market, which you can snatch up for just the cost of the domain (they're already expired and up for grabs).

Research and analyze keywords in an instant by just entering one related keyword to let WebFire find tons of keywords on its own to analyze all of them for you based on search volume, competitiveness, social signals, proper tags, and just how easy it would be to rank in ANY country anywhere in the world.



Digital Marketers - Whether you're promoting an e-book, software, membership site, or just about anything else, WebFire can help you find free traffic, locate leads already asking to buy, get ranked easily, and more.

Ecommerce Store Owners - If you're selling physical products, WebFire can help you get immediate buyers and traffic for your store, on top of being able to rank easily and get the word out to those who are most likely to be interested in your products.

Local Business Owners - If you're a local business owner, WebFire can even help you do all the usual stuff on top of also dominating the local market for you with its special localized tools where you can take over entire areas with ease online.

Local Business Marketers - Do you market to other local businesses?  Great!  WebFire can help you create instant SEO and marketing reports, as well as help fix all those issues on your clients' sites for you.  All of this on top of doing things your clients will love like finding them new leads, finding new business opportunities, getting ranked easily, and more!

Affiliates - Are you just an affiliate?  Perhaps you don't even have a website yet?  No worries!  WebFire can be used to promote affiliate offers all over the internet whether it be by finding leads most interested in your affiliate offerings directly, or by blasting related videos or content for your offerings across the web.  But if you do ever decide to build a website for your affiliate offers, WebFire can even help you with all of that!



WebFire Affiliate Promo Tools

To access promo emails and banners to promote WebFire 3.0 just login to your WebFire 3.0 account.

Click on "Account" in the top right hand corner and click on "Affiliate"

Look to your left and in the column you will see Promo Tools.

Click on Promo Tools and you will see email promos and banners you can use to promote WebFire 3.0.